Are you a person who is having trouble sleeping at night and you don’t want to take that sleeping pills because it might give you bad side effects. Well, good news, today is your lucky day, there is one way to stop that sleepless night. You can make your bath bombs at home with all natural ingredients. No artificial ingredients at all. Just pure natural ingredients chamomile and lavender aromatic oils.

Chamomile and lavender is a wonderful ingredient that promotes a good sleep because this property contains potent aromatherapy that is proven to reduce anxiety when inhaled, that is very beneficial to those people who cannot sleep properly, and to reduce stress. The calming effect of these herbs is gentle and can help to get rid of toxins in your body.

As we all know lavender can be found in many products, for example in pillow sprays, candle, because of its calming scent effect when we inhaled. The scientist discovers that lavender has one component called linalool that can make your nervous system relax.

Here are the ingredients  and tools you must prepare:

For the tools, you will use a mixing bowl, spray bottle with water and a bath bomb mold if you don’t have any bath bomb mold you can purchase it on Amazon:

For the ingredients, you will prepare

1/2 cup baking soda
1/3 cup epsom salt
2 t cream of tartar
1/4 t dried chamomile buds
1/8 t dried lavender buds
5 drops lavender essential oil
coconut oil for greasing the pods

Now you mix all ingredients in the bowl. you must slowly mix the lavender oil. Then spray the mixture with water remember just slowly, the mixture should be crumbly but when you squeeze it together it will hold. Next on your mold lightly put coconut grease, then scoop the mixture with spoon, then put it in your mold you must press it firmly. Next set aside and put it in a dry area for two hours. Then the final step loosen the bath bombs from the molds then you may use it immediately.

Tip: You may crush the chamomile buds by finger to create fine powder so that it will release more sweet chamomile scent. Also you may use chamomile tea just a pinch if you cannot find any chamomile herbs.

Tip for molding: in your bath bomb mold lightly overflow the molds, then one mold on top of the other and then squeeze both together. For more tips on bath bomb mold check our link:

Enjoy your bath bombs and feel the relaxation with a good night sleep!

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